Social Media Marketing

Why Should use social media for business?

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Cost effective marketing

Social media marketing is one of the most cost-effective digital marketing strategies. It’s almost free, just need a small amount of payment for the initial campaign.

Branding Interaction With The Consumer

Improved brand awareness

Social media allows you to reach a wide range of audiences, grow awareness, engagement, and grow brand loyalty relationship between customer and company.

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More visibility in search engines

If your Facebook fan page already has enough fans and a good amount of reviews, then your business visibility in search engines in a good position.

How aalpin can help?

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Social Media Consultancy

Analyzing your business objectives, competitor and keyword research,  we will make a social media marketing plan, including page set up, page design,  and more.

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Promotion Campaign

We will make the right plan for your fan page such as increase organic followers, likes,  audience research, ad set creation, page boost, locally promote, lead towards to website, etc.

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Customer Engagement

To keep Customer Engagement running, will update your fan page with the daily relevant post for followers regarding your brand, product, service.

The power of social media platforms is that they allow for instant connections. As a reputed Social Media Marketing agency, we’re the experts that can provide the best services from cover photos to tweets and analytics to planning.


Social media is today at the front and center of the digital marketing game. This means it deserves the same strategizing, focus, and professionalism as the rest of your marketing strategies. Not convinced? Well consider this- Globally, there are over 2.19B monthly active users on Facebook. Over 500M tweets are sent per day, and Instagram has 300M daily active users across the world and these numbers are constantly on the rise. Simply put, social media has taken the world by storm.

A Balanced Approach

If you want to reach this massive audience, you need a well-established Social Media Marketing company like ours to handle various aspects of your social media presence effectively. This is where we at ABC Company come in. We take the burden of short-lived tips and shares and integrate the entire social media marketing process with all your other digital marketing efforts like Search Engine Marketing, SEO and Content Marketing.

The Work Process

Our team will outline and customize effective social media management strategy that will increase your visibility on social platforms and add credibility to your brand. The effects of social media aren’t always evident, because they don’t necessarily convert directly into sales. However, they do convert into audiences that know you, understand what you can offer, and recommend you to people they know. Market research has proved that personal recommendations are about 95% more influential than any form of advertising.


Our Social Media Marketing team will analyze your interactive & online presence. They will carefully develop a strategy and work you into the most relevant social media outlets for your business model and brand. They will manage your social media presence and your growth on these platforms on a daily basis and also provide regular reporting on the key performance points and ROI.

Consultants also share advice, make recommendations, and solve any problems within an organization.