Bulk SMS Marketing

Why SMS marketing?

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Rapid action by the recipient

Studies show about 98% of people read SMS, so this the fastest direct marketing channel.

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Learn more about consumer

SMS channel is a very good channel to do a survey and get quick feedback from the consumer.

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Reliable and trackable

SMS marketing is being used for a long time and its mostly operate by a telecommunication company, and they have good features of monitoring campaign.

How can aalpin help?

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We can create creative SMS that makes a customer click call to action button immediately.

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We have the best cost-effective offer with better services that you can not decline.

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We are your trusted partner,  we keep tracking our client’s campaign and report client on time.

Aalpin Digital Aalpin Digital Bulk SMS Marketing

Bulk SMS Marketing is a mobile marketing technique that helps business owners and marketers engage customers and increase their revenue. In this type of messaging, a single message is sent out to a large list of mobile phone numbers. We at Aalpin Digital Marketing Agency offer customized Bulk SMS Marketing services to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

What Makes Bulk SMS So Popular?

The price factor- Bulk SMS Marketing is popular, to a certain extent, because it’s extremely cost-effective. The method of communication itself is relatively inexpensive. Add to that the economies of scale, and you have a communications and marketing tool that can easily take your message to a large number of people at a very low cost.


Effective- With more than 90% of messages being read within 30 seconds, this form of marketing generates an amazing response and excellent customer engagement. It’s more impactful than tweets and has much higher open rates than emails. This means it delivers a far greater ROI on your communications and marketing spend.

Aalpin bulk SMS Marketing
Aalpin Digital Bulk SMS Marketing

What is Bulk SMS Marketing Used For?

SMS messages are a personal and very secure method of getting in touch with your target audience instantaneously providing different types of content and information to their mobile devices. His tool is perfect for:


  • Opt-in marketing
  • Automated appointment reminders- Two-way messaging enables confirmation, rescheduling and cancellation options.
  • SMS notifications and bill reminders.
  • SMS marketing lends itself very well for high volume authentication & responsive security applications, e-commerce and banking. Bulk, as well as automated SMS, allowing you to implement effective yes simple 2-step authentication, protecting your customer’s information and your business’ systems against malicious damage and theft, using secret message tokens.

Custom Solutions

We offer customized Bulk SMS Marketing solutions to target customers in any region within the country and throughout the world. We understand your specific requirements and the budget you’re working on and provide solutions that work perfectly for you.


If you are looking for the best Bulk SMS Marketing, you are in right place.

Aalpin Digital SMS Custom Solutions

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