Bulk Email Marketing

Why email marketing is so important?

Aalpin Bulk Email With Low-Cost

Bulk email with low-cost

For email, marketing doesn’t have need so many people, designer or analysis. Nowadays its become automation, including email template, different features.

Aalpin Easy To Do Follow Up

Easy to do follow up

In email marketing you can easily be tracking and send follow up email with the latest promotions, coupon, offer etc.

Aalpin Call To Action

Call to action

By doing email marketing you can also ad call to action button which makes direct sales to the website.

How can aalpin help?

Aalpin Bulk email strategy

Bulk email strategy

Our email marketing growth strategy comes via expert researcher team and we do support all types of business, startups to big business.

Aalpin Quality content to pull consumer

Customize solution

We provide a customized solution based on business types, goal, competitor, industry etc. We give options of types and campaign plan before execution.

Aalpin Retargeting Consumer

Retargeting consumer

Not All agency cannot create the right plan for the retargeting consumer, for retargeting need professional method which we have.

It’s not really physically possible to knock on each one of your customers’ doors every month and say hello. But you definitely can touch base with them regularly. Email Marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to stay in touch with your customers and suppliers, every single month.  And we at Aalpin Digital Marketing Agency have the expertise to handle all your email-related marketing needs.

Why Email Marketing?

This marketing method has long been recognized as a powerful digital marketing tool. As a matter of fact, about 96% of all Americans have at least one email address; and on average people check their email accounts at least 15 times per day. There are a number of reasons why Email Marketing is so effective:


  • High penetration rate
  • Ability to target qualified customers
  • Personalized content
  • High ROI (almost $40 for every $1 spent), which far exceeds other types of digital marketing channels
Aalpin Digital Email Marketing

Our Approach to Email Marketing

The Email Marketing strategy we design and implement for you will cost far less than placing advertisements in various publications. We adopt a very meticulous and unique approach to this technique:


By releasing well-designed and professionally written monthly newsletters each month, your brand will stay at the top of your customers’ minds.

  • We’ll write your newsletters with zing.
  • Not only will they be concise but interesting as well.
  • We’ll source related images to boost the interest quotient of your emails.
  • Every campaign will include product releases, tips, industry news, company news, success stories as well as various other points of interest.
  • The content will be informative, enticing customers to relook at your brand and products.
  • Maintaining consistency in the message and branding across all platforms

Customized Email Marketing Services

This detailed approach helps ensure that when it’s time to purchase, you’re at the top of your consumers’ minds. Our solutions are customizable, action-oriented and cost-effective.


From determining the best platform that meets your business goals, and designing ground-breaking email creative that makes an impact; to implementing a suitable automated integrated marketing solution, we’re dedicated to helping you grow your ROI from everything related to email. If you are interested in our Email Marketing services email at adm@aalpin.com.

Aalpin Customized Email Marketing Services

Consultants also share advice, make recommendations, and solve any problems within an organization.